Control your Data
To extract business intelligence.

Contact Verification

Contacts in your list are verified before being used. This avoids invalid contacts creeping into your list and reduces bounce rates

Scheduled Delivery

Set the time and date of your campaign delivery- whether email or text deliveries. You may also launch immediately.

Performance Metrics

Drill down to individial launch reports as well as aggregates from all campaigns including metrics like opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and more.

Custom Data Search

You have the ablility to import, create and add custom data as well as the ability to search on, or fine tune search results with them.

A/B Split Testing

Instantiate Multiple Launches of the same Campaign and track metrics. Opitmal for use in A/B Split testing

Suppression Lists

Automated handling of bounced, unsubscribed & complaints; contacts are automatically removed from future campaigns to protect sender reputation

Text Message Campaigns

The system supports both email and mobile device text notifications; text messaging implements strict controls and requirement for full contact opt-in to prevent abuse

Integrated HTML editor

Create and update email messages; starter email templates to simplify email message creation; save completed email messages as templates for future emails