Folklore Haunted House 2020

Send in the Clowns: Sunday November 1st -

STARTS: 7:00 PM 11/1/2020 ENDS: 10:30 PM 11/1/2020

Folklore Haunted House 2020

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ONE NIGHT ONLY! Folklore Haunted House will be completely taken over by a murderous cadre of clowns! These mischievous mirthsters will make you laugh til it hurts...or worse, in this special walkthrough where both attractions are merged into one giant cotton candy fueled nightmare. Can you survive this special event, when we Send In The Clowns?




Buy this medallion to help ward off some of the monsters inside the haunted houses. Available on location while supplies last.



2020 Folklore Haunted House T-Shirts available on location while supplies last (Sm - XXL).



2020 Folklore Haunted House Hoodie available on location while supplies last (Sm to XXL).



There are no refunds or exchanges allowed for this event.

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