Table of Influence Dinner Party


Table of Influence Dinner Party

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Table of Influence Dinner Party is the third dinner party hosted by chef and blogger Briana Riddock in Atlanta. Enjoy a 4-course curated menu, along with drinks, music, good people, and positive vibes for the ultimate dinner party experience. 

TABLE TOPIC: Music is Life.   

The dinner's conversation will be centered around music and the songs that have shaped our lives. What memories does music bring to you? What is your all-time favorite album? If you are a musician or simply just enjoy the art form, this is the dinner for you.  

The dinner is a 4-course prix fixe menu that features comfort foods. Unfortunately, the menu cannot be changed or substituted for other items. Please be aware that if you have food allergies with any of the items on the menu, please notify me after you book your ticket. Dinner will be served family-style. 



Rosemary ciabatta bread   


Melon salad (cantaloupe and honeydew) with mozzarella, basil, and balsamic vinegar reduction  

Main Course: 

Jerk steak 

Sweet and spicy orange shrimp 

Cilantro lime rice 

Roasted broccolini  

Eggplant Lasagna (Vegetarian option, only available upon request) 


Red velvet cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting  


Bourbon Arnold Palmer 


*The dinner location is within the Atlanta city limits and the address will be disclosed 2 days prior to the event.*