Herban Herbal Tea Mixer - Special Edition


Herban Herbal Tea Mixer - Special Edition

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Take a little Woodstock, allot of love, room full of vendors,herbs,of various strains,different flowers and teas from your Sage to OG Kush to Tumeric; throw in some topless budtenders covered in visual art through paint,henna,belly dancing, hippies dancing amongst neon lights with some acoutstic guitar sounds and what do you get?!  An Herban Herbal Tea Mixer!

With an array of healthy, holistic, herb-infused products and vendors, get ready for a psychedelic night of performances, participation, and opportunities to learn the life changing benefits of the herbs of our Earth and our favorite mother; Ms. Nature herself.

This event is all about Herbs,Peace,Change and LOVE.

12/14; though is a special edition series. Put up your heels and grab your sneakers, boots,dancing shoes; hell dance bareoot and battle to the beat.

Feeling the giving spirit spiraling inside you? Bring a bag full of charitable donations and receiver a raffle ticket and 5 A La Carte tickets on us!