HEHE Health Education and Humor Expo


HEHE Health Education and Humor Expo
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Health Education Humor Expo


Friday 28th Comedy Show/Happy Hour- OPEN BAR - starts at 6pm ends at 7:30pm (single ticket)

Individual ticket for comedy show Friday night 6pm-7pm


Saturday Comedy Show/Happy Hour-OPEN BAR - starts at 6pm ends at 7:30pm (single ticket)



Keeping in mind that laughter is the best medicine, HEHE strives to use humor as a vehicle during the HEHE EXPO to inform and educate individuals, employers and medical professionals about their health and the crucial role of genetic testing in
comprehensive health care while also raising funds for genetic testing, research and developing the HEHE Fitness Centers concept for stroke and physically challenged individuals.


Cindy Chenier

Organizer of HEHE Health Education and Humor Expo

Founder of HEHE 

Cindy Chenier at age 47, in otherwise in perfect health, nearly lost her life due to a debilitating stroke caused by congenital protein C deficiency, a rare inherited condition associated with an elevated risk of blot clots and cardiovascular complications. This changing event inspired Ms. Chenier not only to share her story and encourage others to take an active role in their healthcare and get comprehensive genetic screening but to do so using a different approach than other health education programs with comedy and humor.