NONSENSE: A Ridiculous Dance Party


NONSENSE: A Ridiculous Dance Party

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Nonsense St. Pat’s Kickoff Shenaniganza Extraordinaire(and Scott's Birthday Celebration)

Kick off St. Pat's weekend right with DIY green facepainting! A surprisingly large rainbow! Giant pot o' gold! Free beads, hats, and other green stuff you'll only wear once! Crowd-surfing leprechaun! DIY tattoo bar! Shamrockery! At least one real Irish person*! Irish Dance Bunny! Questionable life choices! Stupid surprises and what we'd like to mysteriously refer to as... "more."

Kimber is the DJ. Scott (NonsenseATL cofounder) is the birthday boy! Bring cake. Bring your friends. Make some new ones. Get ridiculous.

* If the actual Irish person is not available when you arrive, we guarantee that there will be an Australian of direct Irish descent who used to work with a lot of Irish people.

The DJ is Kimber.

It's Atlanta’s most unpredictable dance party!

11pm / Friday, March 15/ 21+

THIRD FRIDAY of every month!


Nonsense is a truly weird night out that's more fun than you can imagine. Bring yourself. Bring your friends. Meet strangers who could become your next best friends. Let's do this, Atlanta.

Get Ridiculous.

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