STARTS: 3:07 AM 4/27/2023 ENDS: 11:00 PM 9/23/2023

Golden Garden du Soleil

 Golden Garden du Soleil 

is a Live Show... set in the 5th Dimension of Reality... The Luminous Imagination..

This Fundraiser will DRIVE to the developemnt of the greatest most epic show on Earth, designed to spark a new golden renaissance , a new culture, a new wave, a new form of intelligence and awareness on the future of Energy, Art, Mathematics, Music, Expression, Science & Technology....

Golden Garden du Soleil is...

An Ecstacy of Unity ...that introduces the World's First...grand unified field of Equation.... centered around the ... "Art of FUSION"... in how, amazing, things come together and grow harmoniously to the next level.

We are raising funds to put on the Greatest Most Epic Show on Earth... 

Golden Garden du Soleil

~ Where, Alice in Wonderland meets the Wizard of OZ on a Soul Train to a 5th Dimensional Carnival in Mathemagic Land

We are raising funds for Performers, Dancers , Actors, Makeup & Painters, Costumes, Set Design, Music, Lights, and Video Production. For a Multi*City Wide Tour (similar to the  'Cirque du Soleil's blue ocean business model)

Check Out ~ the GOLDEN GARDEN du SOLEIL promo video montage..

Please, join us and support the evolution of Art & Science ~ in the ...Golden Garden du Soleil