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                                                                                         Welcome to 

                                                       TECHNCHILL the newest gaming vibe in the Atlanta area.


                                                 CALLING ALL DANCERS/GAMERS/ANIME WAIFU COSPLAY FANS


 We’re partnering up with Arcadia to bring you

Digital Playground  

Come spend your after hours with us

We’ve running every Saturday and it’s going to be epic.




                                        Yoshi Takeover 

We got rap artist Yoshi aka the cat in the hat taking over arcadia to bring you guys something special! Yoshi and his friends will be performing some of their greatest hits and giving yall some of their famous goofi juice. Come see Yoshi and friends performing live at Technchill and Arcadia 


                                     Anime after dark 

Come sit by the bonfire with us at Arcadia and watch anime movies all night from 12 am to 6 am. Bring out your favorite movies, we will play them for you! 


         Death Star Rave (Star Wars theme)

We are taking the party over to the Deathstar october 1st for an extraterrestrial extravaganza.  Come as your favorite star wars characters. we want to see jedi, clone troopers, and alien species of all types. ladies come as your favorite sexy alien!


Our rave room is always lit and the silent headphones are always rocking with Rave tours giving three stations of music. So pop put and rock out to all your favorite music spun by the dopest Djs around. 

Let the force be with you and come spend some time with US! here at Technchill  

see you soon!

Tickets are on sale for $5 DOLLARS! Early bird special

* anime movies all night!

Costume party



* Silent head phone party

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